Legal 500 Rankings 2022

2 November 2021

187 Chambers are delighted to have been recognised, once again, in the Legal 500 2022 rankings.

“Excellent set of chambers. Great breadth of good quality counsel. Incredibly responsive clerking team.”


187 Chambers Chambers houses a team of barristers who appear on behalf of the prosecution and defence in cases of large-scale fraud, murder, historic sexual abuse and drugs conspiracies, to name a few areas of instruction. The ‘very clever’ Emma Nash is regularly instructed in cases of serious sexual offences, and is very experienced in acting for young and vulnerable witnesses and defendants.

Leading Silks – Tier 1 – Richard Christie QC ‘ An extremely dedicated silk. His tenacity and persistence is unparalleled. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 2 – Matthew Bagnall ‘ A superb junior. He has great attention to detail, always anticipates where problems might arise, is extremely thorough and robust where appropriate. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 – Neil FitzGibbon ‘ Neil demonstrates a balanced and focussed approach to his case. He is a highly impressive jury advocate and deals with submissions of law in a way which shows a very sound intellect. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 – Peter Guest ‘ Authoritative, commanding and engaging in court, he earns the respect of the judge, client and other counsel. He excels at cross-examination. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3Christopher Kerr‘ Christopher is legally astute and extremely well-prepared. His cross-examination is forensic yet measured. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 – Donal Lawler ‘ He is highly intelligent and pragmatic; he takes into account the bigger picture when coming up with solutions. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 – Emma Nash‘ A fearless and enormously effective cross-examiner. She leaves no stone unturned in presenting a case to a jury. A master of her brief. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 – James Onalaja‘ James has excellent analytical skills and his preparation is meticulous. He is also very eloquent. ’




‘Chambers is very proactive and efficient‘.


‘Good, responsive clerking, particularly from senior clerk John Pyne, who is readily available and very user friendly‘.

‘John Pyne is excellent. He is accessible, responsive and takes a sensible, commercial approach‘.

‘Very proactive and customer-focused‘.

‘John Pyne is one of the best clerks in the industry‘.



Leading Silks – Tier 2 – Gideon Cammerman QC –  ‘ Gideon is extremely hardworking, client-focused and commercially-minded. He concentrates on both the detail and the bigger picture. ’


Leading Silks – Tier 3 – Gideon Cammerman QC ‘Gideon is extremely hard working, client-focussed and commercially minded.’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 –Peter Guest‘ A tremendous advocate with a formidable presence in court. When he speaks, the whole courtroom listens. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 4 – Greg Unwin ‘Greg has a brilliant legal mind, and has mastery over the detail in fraud cases. He is adept at seeing the wood from the trees.’


187 Chambers Chambers houses a team which prosecutes and defends across a wide spectrum of complex criminal work. Jason Bartfeld QC has established expertise in handling cases of homicide, large-scale drugs conspiracies and serious violence, and Mozammel Hossain QC is well known for defending in high-profile, complex murder and terrorism cases. At the junior end, Rebecca Lee is sought after for her expertise in prosecuting and defending in cases of serious violence and sexual offences. In April 2021, Simon Mayo QC (as was) was appointed as a Senior Circuit Judge at the Old Bailey.

Leading Silks – Tier 2 – Mozammel Hossain QC ‘ Mozammel is a very charismatic presence in the courtroom with a unique and forceful advocacy style all his own. Once seen and heard, never forgotten. ’

Leading Silks – Tier 3 – Jason Bartfeld QC‘ A proactive, persuasive, and tactful negotiator ’

Leading Silks – Tier 3 – Richard Christie QC– ‘Richard’s industry is a marvel to behold, his command of every piece of evidence is prodigious, and his determination to take every arguable point and argue it fully and forcefully is admirable. He is a fearless advocate, excellent with both lay and expert evidence, and a forceful cross-examiner. He is a skilful advocate, equally adept in making in legal submissions to a judge as he in in making speeches to a jury.’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 – Neil FitzGibbon ‘ A fearless tactician, he will take necessary points even if doing so will be unpopular with the court. He combines intellect with industry. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 – Rebecca Lee 

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 – Greg Unwin ‘He is very, very clever and enormously hard working. He will soon be leading and deservedly so. He displays an immediate grasp of complex factual and legal issues and has the quality, often missing in barristers, of being able to see the wood from the trees. He thinks out of the box and always presents an innovative and novel approach to case issues. Clients find him very easy to deal with and approachable. He can gain the trust of defendants who were at first angry and hostile, resentful of the situation in which they had found themselves. He has a calm and considerate manner with clients, which quickly puts them at their ease.’

Leading Juniors – Tier 3 –Avirup Chaudhuri‘ He works with an air of calm reassurance. ’

Leading Juniors – Tier 4 – Brian Reece



‘187 Chambers is an excellent set focusing on criminal law.’

‘187 Chambers Chambers is a solid set with a number of good performers.’

‘Excellent set of chambers. Great breadth of good quality counsel. Incredibly responsive clerking team.’