Chambers & Partners 2024 Rankings

19 October 2023

187 Chambers are delighted to announce that we have been recognised in Chambers & Partners Rankings 2024.

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London (Bar)

Crime – 1 Set, 9 Ranked Barristers


Band 4

187 Chambers is a substantial set that handles large-scale fraud, general crime and regulatory law. The serious crime practice covers murder, robbery, drugs and sex cases, among a host of others. Significant homicide cases include gang-related killings, baby-shaking cases and historic murders. Examples of recent instructions include acting for the defence in R v King and King, a case concerning the alleged ‘vigilante’ killing of a burglar, and appearing for the prosecution of a foster parent for sexual assault.


Client service:

Senior Clerk John Pyne “really does know what his instructing solicitors need” and is supported by a team that “quickly and efficiently deals with issues.”


Silks KC

Richard Christie KC
Band 3

“He is relentless, fearless and leaves no stone unturned. He is not someone who gives up, no matter what comes his way.”

“He’s a very detail focused man, who doesn’t miss a trick. “


Andrew Trollope KC
Band 4

“One of the most accomplished forensic counsel at the Bar.”


Jason Bartfeld KC
Band 4

“Slick, smart and fearless.”

“He has a very good courtroom manner and is good at identifying the best points.”

“Jason is a polished performer, who is very good at cross-examination.”


Mozammel Hossain KC
Band 4

“His advocacy skills are to be admired, and he tackles the most serious of cases with extreme professionalism and skill.”

“He prepares rigorously and has impressive courtroom presence.”


Nicholas Rhodes KC
Band 5

“A calm, wholly unflappable advocate who imbues confidence in his clients. He’s a sagacious judge of the mood of the court.”

“He has an air of authority stemming from his huge body of experience in court.”

“He exudes confidence in his submissions.”



Greg Unwin
Band 4

“Greg is a meticulous, outstanding advocate, who gives great attention to the smallest of detail.”

“Tactically, he was brilliant. He’s a real star in the making.”

“A lawyer with a brilliant mind, who is a really creative thinker. His legal arguments, both written and verbal, are very good.”


Emma Nash
Band 5

“Her advocacy is tenacious and she’s always on top of the brief. She presents the evidence in a way that juries like.”


Rebecca Lee
Band 5

“Rebecca is an extremely skilled and professional advocate, who displays great care and diligence in the preparation of her work and in the presentation of her cases.”

“She is really responsive and provides practical advice. Her eye is continuously trained on the risks involved in a case.”

“Rebecca was very approachable, authoritative and knowledgeable on the law.”


Matthew Bagnall
Band 6

“An impressive advocate with a keen eye for the minutiae of a case.”


Financial Crime – 2 Ranked Barristers

Silks (KC)

Gideon Cammerman KC
Band 1

“Clients trust him and like him. He can wade through complexities in a short space of time and provide the best advice.”

“He is an impressive and persuasive advocate who can pick up hugely complex fraud cases in no time and is incredibly client-friendly.”

“Gideon is a genuine specialist.”

“He has the rare ability to not only roll up his sleeves but also to advise clients in a focused, commercial and down-to-earth manner.”

“Gideon has aptitude across a broad range of issues. He is client-friendly, deeply knowledgeable and a strong advocate.”


Andrew Trollope KC
Band 3

“He is a legend.”


Financial Crime: Private Prosecutions – 2 Ranked Barristers

Silks (KC)

Gideon Cammerman KC



Henry Hughes

“Henry is extraordinarily dedicated, always on top of things and makes sure his work is perfect.”

“He is very effective and organised.”

“Henry is a very intelligent, hard-working, extremely reliable and clever junior.”


POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture – 2 Ranked Barristers


Anna Keighley
Band 3

“Her tremendous wealth of knowledge and work ethic impress.”

“A pleasure to be against, she’s a clear, comprehensible advocate who is always very tough to beat. Her advocacy is exactly how you’d teach it: smooth but to the point.”


Greg Unwin
Band 3

“Versatile and clever. He’s very charming and great at the paperwork.”

“Greg is excellent to work with. He has a brilliant mind and is a really creative thinker.”


South Eastern (Bar)

Crime – 1 Ranked Barrister


Donal Lawler
Band 3

“Donal is simply the full package and calm and unflappable in the most difficult of cases.”

“He knows how to present and formulate the case to help reach his clients’ aims.”