History of Our Building

16 September 2019

The original building on the site belonged to a family called Button for 40 years. Thereafter, in 1750, it was known as the Haunch of Venison; and after that it was the Clifford’s Inn Coffee House.

In 1834 John Shaw built the current structure, as the Law Life Assurance building. It is a very early example of Jacobean Revival.

In a law case in 1337 “Fletestrete” is mentioned “in the suburb of London”. The present City boundary goes to Temple Bar, a great deal further West than in 1337 when it only reached the Roman Wall and Ludgate. The street was named after the river Fleet of Holbourn which ran in a North-South direction in the valley which is now Farringdon Street and New Bridge Street.

Previously the building was a bank. In 2001 the Chambers of Andrew Trollope undertook the complete refurbishment of the building as a Barristers’ Chambers.