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187 Chambers will always endeavour to provide you with a first-class service and, where it is appropriate to do so, we will also recommend leading solicitors and our professional partners to provide full litigation services.

Our chambers provides a Direct Access service, offering high-quality advice and advocacy from expert, leading barristers in the fields of crime and regulation. Chambers’ work has an emphasis on fraud and financial wrongdoing and our barristers regularly act for individuals and companies in high-profile criminal, regulatory and civil litigation cases.


What is direct access?

Up until 2004, barristers were not able to take on clients who have approached them directly. However, a change in the law means that a barrister can now be instructed directly by members of the public or corporate bodies without first having to go through a solicitor or other intermediary. This is called Direct Access, or also referred to as public access.

The public access scheme has saved people time and money, as they only have to consult with one party (the barrister) when handling their case. The barrister’s role is essentially the same.

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