Courts Martial & Military Law


Members of the Armed Forces charged with a serious criminal offence may have to attend a legal military hearing in the Courts Martial. Our specialist military law barristers act for military and ex-military personnel in prosecutions brought by the Service Prosecuting Authority (SPA) in the UK and overseas.

Why Choose 187 Chambers?

  • Our barristers understand the unique pressures of service in the Armed Forces.
  • We work with the utmost discretion and full understanding of military law and its implications for those charged with an offence.
  • 187 Chambers are instructed by a number of prominent solicitors’ firms specializing in military law.
  • Members of Chambers have conducted cases of the utmost seriousness both in the UK and overseas, in Germany, Cyprus, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Examples of Our Cases Include:

R v S – 2021 Matt Morgan’s Client acquitted of all charges at Court Martial for serious historic child sex offences. The defendant was a serving soldier in Germany in the late 1970s. The allegations centred around the 10-year-old son of a fellow serviceman. There was significant legal argument as to Abuse of Process given the age of offences, jurisdiction to try offences of a “civil” nature within the Court Martial and the composition of a civilian Board given the impending changes within the Armed Forces Bill 2021.

Alleged rape by officer in army accommodation in Cyprus. Acquitted Kate Davey defended in multi-handed allegation of bullying and sexual assault by soldiers.   Defendants all acquitted.

R – v – Goldie 2011 – Sennelager Court Martial Centre  – Neil Fitzgibbon instructed in an allegation of grievous bodily harm with intent. It was alleged that the accused had cut up another soldier with an 8″ knife. There were 60 knife wounds across the other soldier’s torso, back and legs. The defence was one of self-infliction, which seemed a little difficult to prove at first due to the wounds in the small of the back but due to their nature and grouping they had the hall mark of being self-inflicted. The soldier was acquitted.

R v G & othersPeter Clark instructed – Court Martial on alleged group sexual offences among Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan: Half-time acquittal

R v a Private Soldier (Parachute Regiment)Emma Nash instructed on 2 Week GBH with intent trial by General Court Martial

R v RB 2018 – Harry Warner instructed in charge of absence without leave case

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