Principal Defendant Acquitted of Drugs Conspiracy, Represented by Greg Unwin & Sebastian Cox

7 March 2023

Operation Galway was an investigation into an Albanian gang allegedly operating multiple cannabis factories around Luton and laundering the proceeds. When a rival gang attempted to break into one of the ‘factories’ in a residential street in the middle of the night, they were met with extreme force, culminating in violent car collisions and several individuals hospitalised with knife and gunshot injuries. A witness described the scene as “like Call of Duty”.

Greg Unwin, leading Sebastian Cox, represented the first defendant. They were instructed by Butt Solicitors and Akhtar Khushi. After a six-week retrial at Luton Crown Court, their client was unanimously acquitted by the jury of the conspiracy. At an earlier hearing, the charge of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life was dismissed against their client following Mr Unwin’s submissions. Guilty verdicts were returned by the jury on all other defendants and counts.