James Onalaja’s Client Only Defendant Acquitted Following Two-Handed Trial re Spate of Money Laundering Conspiracies valued at Just Under £1 million

10 November 2023
James Onalaja

Following nearly 4 weeks of a Two-handed trial at Maidstone Crown Court, James Onalaja’s client was the only defendant acquitted by the jury (unanimously) following allegations of being involved in and/or linked to a spate of conspiracies whereby a UK company in which she was the registered Company Secretary was alleged to have been created to act as a vehicle to open numerous bank accounts, all of which were allegedly used to steal and launder nearly £1 million from various UK and foreign based banks, companies and individuals.

The conspiracies further involved the alleged theft of identities, impersonation of other corporations in order to intercept the payment systems of and hack the computers and bank accounts of a number of corporations and individuals. The case was heavily dependent on a mass of digital, communications and banking evidence.

James was instructed by Leila Rasool and Miles Herman of Lewis Nedas Law.