James Onalaja Elected to the International Criminal Court Bar Association Amicus and Training Committees

28 September 2020
James Onalaja

James Onalaja has been elected to both the International Criminal Court Bar Association’s (ICCBA) Amicus and Training Committees. The ICCBA is the representative body for legal practitioners admitted to practice at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The ICCBA Amicus Committee is responsible for responding to requests from an ICC Pre-Trial, Trial and Appeals Chamber or from third parties (including governments and NGOs) for an ICCBA amicus curiae opinion to assist the Court by providing information, legal or factual expertise, or a unique insight that is relevant to the determination of issues in cases before the Court.

The Training Committee is responsible for the design and implementation of training in substantive and procedural international criminal law, advocacy and information technology systems for all ICCBA members.