Peter Guest Secures the Acquittal of a Defendant Facing Charges of Kidnap, False Imprisonment and Torture

11 October 2023
Peter Guest Criminal and Financial Fraud Barrister

After a five week trial at Woolwich Crown Court, a jury unanimously acquitted Peter Guest’s client, who was charged with offences alleged to flow from an armed kidnap and torture. Evidence emerged suggesting that the complainant had not told the police the truth about his reasons for visiting a south London housing estate in the late evening. The evidence pointed to a history of international bank fraud. Reasons were advanced to doubt the complainant’s account that he had been forced into a car, that he had suffered life-changing injuries to his hand and that petrol had been poured onto his head and set alight.

Peter highlighted errors in the prosecution’s telephone schedule and demonstrated through cross-examination of the cell site expert that his client had not been proved to have been on the estate at the time of the alleged kidnap.

Peter was instructed by Stuart McDonald of Hallinan Blackburn Gittings and Nott.