James Onalaja Addresses the JUSTICE Student Conference 2022 on the Russia/Ukraine Conflict and the Importance of the Rule of International Law

14 March 2022

James Onalaja addressed the JUSTICE Student Conference 2022 on the 10th March ‘22, as part of a panel discussion on the Russia/Ukraine conflict and the Rule of Law. The panel explored: the alleged legal justifications advanced by Russia for its actions in Ukraine and the United Nation’s powers and duty in this area, in light of Russia’s veto power; the ICJ process instigated by Ukraine and the mechanism for enforcing the ICJ’s rulings; the potential impact of sanctions; the ICC’s jurisdiction and investigation into the situation and the potential ways of circumventing the difficulties of prosecuting the crime of aggression; other mechanisms for securing accountability for the alleged violations of international law occurring on Ukraine’s territory, and the importance and limitations of international law.

Details of the event can be found here: https://justice.org.uk/events/justice-student-conference-2022/